New Experience Iga Bakar Ubud

Warung Vayana Iga Bakar Ubud

Prepare to be amused by the newest meat lovers’ heaven in Ubud, Warung VAYANA! With a specialty in pork ribs, VAYANA presents a tasteful rendition for frequent-enjoyers and first-timers alike. Formed from willingness and loyalty to a long-hours process of perfecting the delicious choices, the people behind VAYANA give their top-notch effort for your gourmet enjoyment. VAYANA is the best place to celebrate life and achievements that go beyond hope, at the limits of creativity, taste, and intention that one can imagine~

The name VAYANA itself came from a Sanskrit word meaning immortality and eternity. With that meaning in mind, it hopes to be an everlasting, sincere, attachment-free, and liberating company for foodies. VAYANA is also the manifestation of the founders’ name. The “V” script in Balinese, which is spoken similarly to “W,” is an acronym for Wayan (VAYAN) & Widnyana (YANA), giving rise to the name VAYANA. A meaningful name made for a pleasant place with hopes of bringing a significant time for you.

Warung VAYANA offers an exclusive gastronomic experience for pork ribs connoisseurs. It promises exciting and memorable taste and texture exploration of grilled ribs-based dishes in Bali. Made with selected ingredients concocted by a passionate team behind the kitchen counter, Warung VAYANA is up for the challenge to give a distinguished flavourful venture for food lovers like you.

In addition to their bona fide meals, the people behind VAYANA also puts their heart into your dining surrounding and experience. Located in one of the most lovable destinations in Bali, VAYANA brings the spirit of Ubud within its walls. Profoundly designed to enhance your dig-in time, the ethnic-romantic ambiance is built with distinctive Warung VAYANA accents. Filled with nature-inspired interiors and artistic decorations, it is inspired by its rooted love towards artistic & cultural centers as iconic as Ubud. As welcoming as Ubud will be, VAYANA is eager to host you for a joyful pork ribs experience. Whenever you are ready, come and prove the scrumptious experience yourself with Warung VAYANA!